Psycho-Biological Chess

In this book of “Psycho-Biological Chess”, its author, the writer Ernesto Baron, clearly presents us with a very interesting psychological and esoteric study through the understanding of chess as a game-science and all the symbolism that it contains. This original study gives us the necessary keys for the fight of man against his psychological defects, like a chess game on the board of life.

The book begins introducing us into the study of the origin and traditions of chess that have existed since ancient times, in order to teach us the true chess and duality, which are part of our existence. Its author writes, “Psycho-biological chess is a science of the Being that forms part of everything and is beyond any conventional concept… it is life itself but with direction.”

The second part of the book, founded on numerical science and knowledge of the laws, shows us the importance of the moves-games on the board-Earth made by the pieces-humanity… which is of great help especially in those circumstances of life when we are not certain which direction to take.

Lastly, in the third part of this book, the author brilliantly describes the pieces and the symbolism that they hold in life, as well as the movements and strategies necessary to successfully win the game of life-chess.

It is undoubtedly an extraordinary book that provides clear guidelines and solutions to manage ourselves in the complicated moments that we all live socially.