Extracts “Truth… is it one, none or many?”

Through this sociological and psychological treatise, we can enter into a subject of great importance for our relationships with others and for our own self-knowledge.


 “Each individual will display a very specific type of truth, according to the distinctive feature of that moment or in his mechanical and habitual life. Some people will show the intellectual truth, others the emotional, also the truth triggered by fear, the white lie, the truth of self-love, the one linked to exaggeration, the authentic truth, etc.”    

“We have to realise that the fact of having a state of self-love, emotional attachment, feelings of frustration, spite, illusion, fascination, excessive identification, etc. are enough to deprive us of the capacity to find the real truth of the matter.”    

“For one reason or another, the great majority of people are not transparent, almost always they lessen the importance of the situation or of their behaviour in a cunning and sly way, and therefore they do not face reality and stealthily dodge the issue whenever they can.”  

“Within the Egyptian culture, the Goddess Maat forms part of the post-mortem Psychostasia, since she is represented by Truth. We can say that she is the objective reference of the authentic reality of the facts, therefore, Maat means Truth and this is very important to understand in itself.    

“We can truly say, that pride, envy and fear are the basic trilogy of the problem that involves all types of untruth and fraud linked to the truth. This vagueness causes us to hold back in the search for radical change. 

“The Kaom-Consciousness is a manifestation of the voice of the truth, we can say that it is the faculty of silently listening to that warning call that we often hear but for one reason or another we gently push aside.”


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