Extracts of "Language, the Source of Universal Life"

It is a book of psychology, sociology and oratory that guides the human being towards the development of a more conscious language, in order to reach the simple and profound language of the essence-soul.

“If we learn to express ourselves in accordance with our sincere emotions, we will demonstrate that we are authentic. Authenticity does not mean to voice the first thing that occurs to us. The foundations that strengthen our spoken relationships are exclusively based in certain moral and almic values that have been developed.”

<em“For example, the solar men of ancient civilisations spoke the Golden Word and they were so subtle and profound that it was normal for them to use high-pitched notes, as well as prose, verse, rhyme or gentle mantric song. The intonation or evocation was such a rich language that it formed a fundamental part of the Universal Harmony.

“…everyone has in one way or another these four types of languages: the daily ordinary dialectic, the philosophical and starchy, the intellectual-mental and lastly, the profound and refined.”

“In reality, the word projects and influences enthusiasm or dejection, optimism or pessimism, it nourishes love or destroys it, all according to the psychic state and the way in which we are. For this reason we assert that clarification, apology, correction and resolution are the best formula to mend human relationships as well as possible misunderstandings.

“It would be very positive for our psychic-physical wellbeing to combine the language that we speak with noble feelings and serene intelligence. We are certain that in this way everything will become so gratifying that we will possess the exact word.”