Extracts of "The Theatre of Life"

This thought-provoking and original work, leads us on a journey through the significance of art and theatre in the great ancient cultures, taking us beyond both the literal and artistic meaning.


“The theatre is an art of the Consciousness and of the Being. It is based on a wonderful trilogy that is imagination, inspiration and intuition. Drawing on these three sources is how we can develop ourselves wonderfully and become more profound in everything that we are.”

“Human life, which with sacrifice we live, forms together with its organic, psychic and spiritual contents a great theatre, complete with full scenery and choreography. There the leading and supporting actors as well as those called extras mix and intermingle amongst themselves.”

“The Theatre of Life is very interesting if we know how to direct it objectively, it is not simply to act for acting’s sake.”

“We should know that the development of the theatre-life that happens to each person depends on their level of competence and giving, in other words, we choose a short and boring theatre-life, or a long and interesting theatre-life. Everything depends on how we want to be seen and how we yearn to live.”

“The preliminary steps and different preparations take place in the same way as in the theatre of Art that we have inherited. Also in the internal Theatre we must prepare ourselves in a superior school of Being and Knowledge.”“Anciently, the artistic and human dramas were not as they are now, they had a different sense; they were directed more towards capturing the wisdom of existence, within which were kept the future, myths, history, skill...”