The Theatre of Life

In this thought-provoking book, which is originally titled, “The Theatre of Life”, its author, the writer Ernesto Baron gives us a true treatise on the psychology of self-knowledge, in which with a simple and accessible language he guides us through the hows and whys of our behaviour in the school of life, where we develop a true theatre.


With great originality it leads us on a journey through the significance of art and theatre in the great ancient cultures, taking us beyond both the literal and artistic meaning in order that we can apply it in our daily and psychological conduct, becoming more profound in everything that we are. Theatre represents life itself.

As its author writes, “The objective of this book is to try to explain the wonderful parallel that exists between the traditional theatre and the physical, psychic and trans-psychic state of each individual.”

In this way through the different chapters the author invites us to discover our authentic role in life, reflecting on the “Theatre of Monotony” and the “Theatre of Revolution”, where the characters choose their roles, whether for personal interest or disinterested dedication, fellowship, fraternity and also “The costume that we should wear”.

The author explains in the second part of this very interesting book, “The Types of Theatres”, and according to the participation and the actors, they can be Personal, Collective, Universal, etc.

The third part makes us analyse the three theatrical archetypes through the dramas, comedies and tragedies, which are part of any human activity and existence.

In conclusion, we can say that the knowledge and study of this book, “The Theatre of Life” opens the door of self-knowledge and as the author says, “Everyone is born for something, that we must either offer or construct, the key is finding this specific formula.”