This is a very useful and helpful book of psychology that as a practical guide orientates us in a world where, day by day, there is more and more incomprehension, rejection and confrontation, etc and where the transformation of impressions is essential.


Ernesto Baron.  MAN AND IMPRESSIONS “The energies-impressions, as they are called in these studies, are not something intangible, imagined or illusory. They are magnetic states, sensitive vibrations, different types of imperceptible vibrations of great power that are present in the life of man, as well as in nature and the infinite Cosmos.”

“Profound self-observation and non-identification with everything which surrounds us is positive behaviour that can be applied to the daily problems of life...”

“Any charge or energetic overload that an individual accumulates, whether reasoning, emotional, sexual… by the fact of not knowing the precise formulas of transformation that we have illustrated here, will result in something which is normal and very common, the venting and expulsion of everything that has been retained.”

“The attitude of indifference that sometimes we apply through negligence is an inferior unjustified state that carries us to individualist egoism and this does not have in the least anything in common with the solidarity and fraternity that we yearn for in these studies.”

“Undoubtedly, life is full of impressions that arrive consciously or unconsciously to our psyche. Only a progressive, evolutionary and revolutionary mentality will be capable of transcending all the obstacles and handling the energies with perfection.”

“The energetic difference between the heavy and light can be found in the intensity and weight of the vibration of the transmitter and the receiver. Detaching a little from ourselves and separating the subtle from the dense we will become aware of the different types of impressions that we emit and project.”

“Simply by applying some self-observation to our way of being, which is not very difficult if there is a serious interest in self-knowing, will we realise that we are all mirrors of each other. The key is in the level of frankness and sincerity with which we work.”