Extracts of "The Three Worlds which we live"

In this book, “The Three Worlds which we live”, its author the writer Ernesto Baron, shows us in depth what we are internally, guiding us through the psychology of self-knowledge in order to discover our psychological reality and better understand the meaning of life.

“In these three regions of our human and psychic life is contained all that we are, but we need to discover ourselves profoundly in order to know what we have and what we lack.”

“If the personality is not put in its correct place and educated, it is like a bad secretary who gives our Essence-Consciousness many distorted and erroneous impressions.”

“The mistaken forms of life that we live are full of conflict and complication; they are manifestations of modern times that lead us to a life of worries where everything is a labyrinth, affairs, plots, extortion, blackmail, etc… They are the infinite number of problems that pit one against the other.”

““Feelings of persecution are mistaken, traumatic, psychic states which make us think or believe that people are persecuting us, or want to hurt us. This type of trauma is created when at some time we have suffered a difficult problem or someone has robbed, assaulted, or mugged us.”

“Phobia is an exaggerated fear, superior to human capacity that is produced before facts, persons or situations, and it is this which we try to avoid in any way. Every phobic person is impelled by exaggeration, suffering through this, uncontrollable, insuperable, and disproportionate fear.”


“Due to the lack of investigation in experimental psychology and Freudian psychoanalysis the World Beneath is generally unknown. Most people looking for justifications and self-deceit, wanting to feel good about themselves, avoid this reality and prefer to ignore the existence of what they carry inside.” 

“The constant effort to fight, beat temptations, vices, bad habits etc, is known as Thelema (will), and it is fundamental in this work of self-knowledge and regeneration of lost values.”