The New Intelligence of the 21st Century

In the introduction of this wonderful book, the author Ernesto Baron writes, "This book is not only a treatise on sociological analysis and psychological guidance, but it has also been written to identify, create and personalise certain normal procedures of practical life".

 Inconformity with oneself and the yearning to improve our relationships are some of the formulas that efficiently help in the search for the path of emotional intelligence.

Throughout the reading of this book we will realise how the methods that we have always used in our human relationships have not given the expected results. On the contrary, they are outdated and often produce damaging and opposing effects.

Thanks to this extremely interesting and practical book we can obtain the keys to change many mistaken attitudes and behaviour.

We need to solve crises, to avoid offence-defence, to analyse the range of opposing emotions, the store of release systems that some people use supposedly to calm down...

Undoubtedly, this book provides us with solutions to clarify and unravel emotional knots, to avoid labelling people, emotional dryness, the long list of reproaches and reminders of the past that cause continuous unhappiness in our life, which takes from us such important things as joy, positivism, motivation...

It is precisely for this reason, as Ernesto Baron teaches us, that "the emotional intelligence and the intelective intelligence" have been created in order to be as much help as possible and to try and rebuild a more honest and transparent society, in which human values prevail over evil, revenge, selfishness, hatred, etc.

…Stress, tiredness, being overburdened and annoyance are factors that often lead us to break emotional stability and as a result of this any good sentimental relationship.

When emotional crises worsen and for certain reasons become very frequent, they can cause so much damage that people become colder, harder, impassive and insensitive.

If we really want to live with happiness, morality and a good level of consciousness, the best thing would be to seek emotional intelligence. We are sure that thanks to the skills and procedure comprised in these values, we can obtain excellent resources in order to achieve what we are yearning.

This book has also been written in order to try as much as possible to counterbalance on a rational and emotional level the abundant human harshness and coarseness which is taking place globally.

To belong to the great global system but without being a victim of its mistakes and misfortunes, would be a clear indication of triumph in all aspects. Therefore, everything that we do in this field has always to be done with “the intelligence of the heart"...