Man and Impressions

In this time that we live, the writer Ernesto Baron offers us a very useful and helpful book of psychology that as a practical manual guides us and gives us the keys to be able to manage ourselves in life, in a world which, more and more, becomes full of incomprehension, rejection, confrontation, etc. and where the transformation of impressions is essential.

Divided into four parts, its author leads us into the knowledge of the different levels of impressions, classifying them according to the energetic vibrations that we receive, whether subtle, dense or neutral and highlighting the importance of realising which one we are receiving.

The second part shows us the different ways of channelling energies according to the level of being and knowledge, education, personality… which takes us to the source of release, repression, evasion and solution.

Furthermore, the third part provides us with the precise keys to achieve a true transformation of impressions, by means of the necessary selection, digestion and assimilation in order to attain the longed-for psychological transformation, through concrete and practical guidelines which are very useful in reaching our objective.

Lastly, the fourth part of this remarkable book clarifies certain very helpful formulas to better apply this knowledge and successfully reach the “knowing how to do” of psychology, as well as everything relating to psychological ingestion, digestion and indigestion.

We conclude by quoting the author himself, “It is never advisable to escape from the events or states that we live in, it is definitely wiser to see them calmly, to study and understand them and in so doing we will transform everything negative that we live into something positive.”