The Three Worlds which we live

In this book, “The Three Worlds which we live”, its author the writer Ernesto Baron, shows us in depth what we are internally, guiding us through the psychology of self-knowledge in order to discover our psychological reality and better understand the meaning of life.

 In these moments of social and humanistic materialism, dissatisfaction and disenchantment that we all live, it can be said that this book is a true practical manual that teaches us to live in a psychological and sociological level.

In the first part of the book the author delves into the physical world or the World of Forms that represents the human and material aspects of man; the daily life. In this world the personality is expressed along with its character and customs, identity, values and image. Throughout the different chapters, the author analyses the bad habits that we manifest and the most damaging ones such as lies, popular-vulgar language, exhibitionism, etc.

The author describes in the second part the World Behind that is the region of the human sub-consciousness and unconsciousness. In this world we can find the traumas, phobias and complexes which condition our life and relationships.

In the third part, the writer analyses the psychological background that is the deepest region within every human being. This world has a double characteristic; a dark side and another of Light… Through the different chapters the author reveals to us this often unknown part of each individual, studying subjects such as the egoic multiplicity, the psychological defects, etc.

The book finalises with certain keys which help us in the work of self-discovery, such as meditation, transformation of impressions, techniques for the elimination of the psychological defects... with the objective of reaching true happiness and freedom.