Discovering Yourself

“Discovering Yourself” is the result of several years of investigation into the field of sociology and the human psyche.

Throughout its nine chapters the author guides us along a difficult path, the path towards ourselves, towards encountering oneself, towards the most profound depths of our psychological world, with one objective, self-discovery, which will lead towards a true change in our life as a result of an inner purification.

This book is especially addressed to those who search for the inner change. It is not just “reading matter” but a reference manual for frequent and permanent use, an object for reflection on an individual, familial and social level, material to be “interiorised” and analysed within oneself.

Each time that the reader rereads a chapter of this book in an appropriate state of reflection, he will discover something new within himself and will understand more deeply his own inner world.

The author delves into the different errors, defects and incorrect states that lead us to a mistaken life and impede us in establishing a balanced relationship with those who are around us, with our environment and with ourselves.

By means of the personal application of the keys and reflections contained in this book, the reader can gain access to true welfare, personal stability and above all to the development of the Soul-Consciousness.

Reading this book, we enter within ourselves and discover the existence of countless psychological defects which disturb our psyche and our relationships. Only through their discovery and elimination, will we achieve the true happiness, serenity and peace that constitute a legitimate right of any man and will we create an authentic conscious psychic axis, which excludes the negative states that we usually experience, such as mistaken attitudes, conflicting feelings, dismay, depression, anguish, etc.

This book is, undoubtedly, the instrument that allows us to achieve profound self-discovery and leads us towards a real change on a personal, familial and social level.