Towards New Horizons

This treatise of Psychology and Sociology helps us seek solutions to many mistaken aspects of our lives and to go deeper into those strategies and skills that we need to develop in order to confront our daily lives.

We would like to present this book by Ernesto Baron, an interesting treatise of great use and practical help for anyone who wishes to delve into the reality of oneself, with precise and concrete keys for our modern era.

Through the 6 interesting chapters the author goes through our interior psychology, beginning with the psychological foundations which we have built, he covers important aspects such as the Identity, the Values, the diverse manifestations of the Personality, to later continue with aspects related with those mistaken behaviors in our daily lives, attitudes, habits and customs with which we normally express but which usually lead us to errors which if not resolved cause conditions which become difficult to resolve, but if we observe them and understand in depth their causes and consequences in our lives, we can put a stop.

Also,  within the chapters the author makes an exhaustive list and gives us important keys to resolve those psychological states that lead us to unhappiness such as all the types of traumas, Phobias, Complexes, Rejections, Manias, Addictions, and other pathologies and other mistaken ways which are developing even more in this modern epoch we are living.