Olympus, a mistery revealed

In his book “Olympus, a mystery revealed", Ernesto Baron show the way to discover a very ancient and completely unknown Greece that could greatly help us in our psychological, daily and spiritual life.

It is a book of mythology, history and transcendental anthropology which encompasses very ancient secrets of the Greek Gods never before known by men.

 The author writes, “The Gods themselves revealed their existence with the aim of helping and serving this ailing humanity. It is very important to know that the twelve Greek Gods unmistakably represent the twelve main parts of the Being, they are twelve clearly defined and specific teachings, and when they are put into practice can be of great inner help.”

Throughout the different chapters of this extraordinary book, the author unveils certain aspects of the sacred Olympus and its Gods, and even of the demigods, heroes and mortals related to them, as well as the symbolism and transcendental teaching that they embody.

 As we read through this wonderful book, we are astonished by completely new myths and surprising revelations, a new vision of the Psychopompus and Psychostasia and of the foundation of Athens, the winged horse Pegasus, the priestesses of the temples, the origin of wisdom and intelligence, the work on the inner fire, etc.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this is not just another book of ancient literature or mythology, but an open door to an unknown world, even for the experts and researchers of ancient Greece.

  Of equal interest is the psychological application of the myths and keys for the inner development of virtues in present-day man, such as the Justice of the god Zeus, the conscious Love of the goddess Hera, the Strength of the god Ares-Mars, the Intelligence of the god Hermes-Mercury, the Wisdom of the goddess Athena, the processes of the transformation of the Soul of the goddess Demeter-Persephone, the work with the inner Fire of the god Hephaestus, etc.

 We conclude by quoting the author, “These twelve supra-atomic divine manifestations correlate to our body and psyche, they are positive atoms of very high voltage which have always been retained and according to the inner work they can be awakened or kept latent."  

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