The Enigmatic Egyptian Culture

This book reflects all the respect and profound devotion the author has for this wonderful civilisation, the source of all wisdom, as well as his profound knowledge of it.”


Quoting the author in the introduction of this book, “To understand and comprehend the importance that the Egyptian mysteries and wisdom had, it is enough to observe what it produced. Nothing so marvellous will ever be seen again.”

“The wisdom of Egypt prevails with all its power above other civilisation, on a par with the Greeks, Mayans, Assyrians, Incas, etc.”

This book is a wonderful journey through the history of Egypt, its true origins, enigmas, unparalleled techniques of pyramid construction and their capacity to capture energies, the mysteries and the meaning of mummification, the symbolism of its language, dress, rituals and temples.

The author guides us through this civilisation without equal, uncovering the mystery of the river Nile and the Sphinx, their origin and real meaning as well as their inner transcendence.

He evokes that age in which the Great Pyramid of Cheops radiated its glow and energy throughout the lands of Egypt. He reveals the mathematical and initiatic wisdom that it contains, as well as its magical and energetical power and its relationship to cosmology, analysing the different chambers within and their profound significance.

It also deals with subjects related to the mysteries surrounding the life and death of the great pharaohs such as Ramses II and the young Tutankhamun. Through an analysis of the mummification process, the transcendental meaning of it and the Book of the Dead, it brings us closer to the great beyond, so real and important for the ancient Egyptians.

Lastly, it is fitting to make a special mention of the chapters referring to the hermetic wisdom, such as The Emerald Tablet, the Arcana of Hermes and the Book of Thoth or the Tarot, which perfectly complete the vision of ancient Egypt, not only on an external level but also on an intrinsic, magical and transcendental level.

In this book the author, Ernesto Baron, puts his readers in contact with the “living” Egypt and its teachings, which are always current and useful for the human and spiritual development

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