Extacts "Olympus, A Mystery Revealed"

A book of mythology, history and transcendental anthropology which encompasses very ancient secrets of the Greek Gods never before known by men.


“It is written within the traditions and legends of the centuries that in the central Temple of Olympus, the Gods, at the command of the Father and the Mother; Zeus and Hera, determined the destinies of men and nations. They also held sacred meetings and gave the liquor of the Gods for the consumption of the Demigods and Heroes who had achieved the Interior Work. This was the famous ambrosia, the Red Nectar or Red Carbuncle that created the Gift of Immortality, it was the Philosopher's Stone of the medieval Alchemists, in other words, it is the same Golden Fleece of the Mutants.”

“Normally the Twelve Gods dwelt in the Sacred City but they were not always there; traditions say that they liked to be on the Earth with the mortals to take part in their adventures and exploits and they were also there to accomplish specific missions.”

“All of us in some way are a minuscule millennial legacy of those twelve Saviours… The Greater and Lesser Gods and later the Demigods, the heroes, the philosophers, and the Greek people in general, with their Dramas, Tragedies and Comedies, are our cradle of origin. According to the frequency, zodiac sign and the ray that characterises us, we are linked to one or another of the Gods. This is how we form our identity, character, way of thinking and feeling, etc.”

“Zeus and Hera, the Divine Couple from where everything initiates, are God Father and God Mother, the Universal Perfection, who the mythologists often with bad intentions, throughout the ages have not known how to interpret correctly.”

“From the God Hermes-Mercury, we can receive intelligence, alchemy, logical and reasoned calculations as well as regulations, measurements, practicality, agility, eloquence, legitimate business dealings… Referring to the Goddess Athena-Minerva, Wisdom is present in all its potentiality and she is the worthy representative of Truth, Justice, faithful and pure feeling, true and stable Love.”

“Hermathena is the fusion of the intelligence of Mercury connected to a solar brain, with the wisdom of Athena connected to a solar heart. Hermathena is the perfect fusion of two indivisible beings that know how to love and who are able to love. No solar man exists that has not fused his brain with his heart. To reach perfection it is indispensable to unite intelligence with the wisdom that is born from the heart.”