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Extracts: Egypt Temple of the Cosmos

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“Although the Greeks called the land of the pharaohs by the name ‘Aegyptos’, its original name was actually Kemet, which means ‘black earth’ and refers to the fertile arable lands found in Nile country and throughout the Nile Valley.”


Egypt, Temple of the Cosmos

Published in Anthropology & Mythology

This new and exceptional work entitled ‘Egypt, Temple of the Cosmos’ is the product of three years of intense historical research by the book’s author Ernesto Baron, who presents a masterful combination of Egyptology, historical knowledge and archaeology.

Tao Tian Featured

Tao Tian

Published in Anthropology & Oriental Philosophy

This interesting book, Tao Tian, transports us to the legendary lands of the millenary culture of ancient China to immerse ourselves in the depth of its wisdom, inviting us to live out its teachings in an authentic, practical way..