Extracts of "The Civilisations of Ancient Mexico"

Throughout this book the author analyses and unveils to us the wisdom of great peoples who although today have been discredited and forgotten, were authentic solar pyramid-building civilisations that left a great knowledge and wisdom unsurpassed by our present culture.


“The history of Mexico is in reality very old; it dates back to ancestral epochs, millions of years ago. Cultures whose beginnings cannot be chronologically specified, since they preceded many peoples known by history.”

“The greatness of the Zapotec culture reached its maximum splendour in Monte Alban, the capital of the valley and the area of the same name. Buildings, pyramids, ball courts, tombs, temples with great halls…”

“A clear demonstration of their profound knowledge in astrocosmology, is found precisely in the Pyramid of Kukulcan, known by the name “El Castillo”, in Chichen Itza, which is one of the most notable buildings of Mayan architecture, standing 24 metres high … created for and dedicated to the Plumed Serpent…”

“These cities of the Mayab, extinguished forever, will not be erased from our memories. Sacred places, temples of mysteries; tombs of nobles, priests and Initiates; ancient pyramids of awesome mastery, of human and cosmic teaching, these were the Mayan cities…”

“Copan is considered as a great scientific centre specialising in astronomy… We do not doubt that the Mayans of Copan were great investigators of the starry space, since there are hieroglyphs related to these sciences. Studies of eclipses with disconcerting precision… of the planetary movements…”

“Ipalnemohuani is the Mayan Hunab-Ku, He is Heaven, the Absolute, He for whom we live and have our Being. He is the Elohim, the Unmanifest; the life that beats in every atom and in every sun, the Common Eternal Cosmic Father; He who has been and who will be.”