Tearing the Veil of Mystery

In this book the author presents us with a profound study of Egyptian mythology. This is not just one more book of mythology, like the many that we can find. Here mythology becomes an instrument of psychic, almic and spiritual development of man, through the application of its teachings to the process of the transcendental elevation of human nature. It is the initiatic path that every aspirant who yearns to make the eternal truths a reality within himself must journey.


“The Egyptian wisdom is not only to be studied but lived within our interior; it is truly knowledge of the past, present and future…”

This book masterfully develops the universal myth of Osiris, Isis and Horus, as well as the principle of evil, Set. This myth, which was the foundation for the initiation in ancient Egyptian mysteries, becomes alive and real within the reader, who is led to reencounter each of the book’s main characters in his interior

As the author says in the introduction, “The Osirian and Isiac mysteries have been a true source of universal knowledge from the beginnings of time.” “For thousands of years, this knowledge was transmitted from generation to generation, in this way assimilating the authentic mysteries of the land of Khem, Khame (the land of alchemy).”

The myth of creation, the great Egyptian Gods, the death and resurrection of the great Osiris, the image of his sister and wife Isis, the treachery of Set, the initiatic trials, the three traitors… within the reader who approaches this book with a sincere thirst for self-knowledge and improvement everything becomes alive and real.

In the author’s words, “Each aspirant who longed for the mysteries of the perfect trinity and the procedures for the elimination of Set, had to pass through the different trials of the Sphinx.”

 This authentic treatise of wisdom could not be without a section dedicated to the processes of the soul after death, the “Psychostasia”, the judgement of the soul of the deceased becomes real through the detailed study and the psychic projection made by the author.

The careful editing of this book, the quality of its numerous illustrations in full colour, the profundity given to the subject as well as its highly practical perspective, turn it into a unique and invaluable work.  

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