The Magical Lands of the Celts

In this very interesting book, entitled “The Magical Lands of the Celts”, the writer, anthropologist and researcher Ernesto Baron introduces us to an enchanting and magical subject. History has still not valued the heights attained by the Celts and Druids of ancient Britain.


This book embodies the investigations and studies that the author himself has made of Celtic sites, archaeological remains, myths and traditions that still survive, transmitting to the reader the wisdom of a culture which held great knowledge of electromagnetism, cosmology, science, etc.

This is not just an anthropological book, but something more, it connects us with our own origins and beyond, deciphering the invaluable heritage left by this ancestral people, for our cultural, human and scientific development.

The author guides us in a journey through the magic of the Hyperboreans and their connection with the cosmos, the mysteries of Celts and Druids, linked to the magical forces of nature, the study of the Celtic Gods and the traditions of these peoples that still survive in many European cities, are reflected in their names, festivals and customs

In the third part of the book, the author transmits to us the magical knowledge inherited by these great peoples. In the first place, he deals with a subject which is intrinsically linked with these magical places, where each spring and summer since 1980 the strange crop circles of England have materialised. He continues by revealing the mysteries of the Ley lines, a projection of the cosmos on earth and analyses the controversial subject of the talking and magical stones.

Of equal interest are the beautiful images and graphic documents which illustrate this book and are of great anthropological value and which transport us to the magical world of these ancient peoples, who knew the forces and mysteries of nature and who could teach a great deal to present-day man.

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