The Myth and Reality of Atlantis

The subject of the Atlantean civilisation is one, which has inspired more writings throughout history than any other, however thanks to this book, “The Myth and Reality of Atlantis” many enigmas and mysteries are revealed through the light of knowledge.

Its author, the writer and researcher Ernesto Baron, through a historical journey of narrations and traditions as well as countless data and existing evidence in anthropology, linguistics, folklore, geology… offers us a documental synthesis of numerous proofs, which attest to the irrefutable reality of Atlantis.

The first part leads us by the hand to understand the teachings of Plato, the accounts and findings of giants, ancient maps, remains found in Spain, Europe, America… in order to introduce us into the incredible enigmas of this ancient civilisation, as yet unresolved by scientists, such as the Bimini mystery, the Bermuda Triangle and the strange phenomena produced there.

In the second part of this book there is an exhaustive and firmly documented account of the greatness that those men attained, with real evidence of their technological advances, for example, subjects such as white light or atomic lighting, and it provides us with new data and testimonies of great investigators.

Finally, the third part details the causes of the great catastrophe and the end of a great civilisation, gathered from many different traditions of the East and West through accounts such as the universal flood. In conclusion, all this leads us to an understanding of the origin of our present-day civilisation and gives us the message that those people left to this humanity.

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