Cosmos, Portal of Light

It teaches us the keys to establish new patterns of behaviour that introduce us through the portals of light given by the Cosmos, by means of the transformation and energetic subtilisation of man.

Through this treatise of cosmology, the author of the book, “Cosmos, Portal of Light”, the writer Ernesto Baron takes us through the windows of a vast Universe, introducing us to the wide variety of energies that exist in the cosmos.

In the first part of the book, the author makes a scientific revision of space, analysing the controversial moments that humanity is living related to our values in crisis, sociological changes, destruction of the planet, violence… and as the doors of starry space are opened to this agonised world, he analyses the principles of a scientific revolution supported in the very latest discoveries and scientific investigations.

In this first part, the author analyses themes as interesting as: seeds of life that come from space, viral particles that descend to Earth, the enigma of the comets… and continues in the second part of the book analysing the energetic Universe. In this part there are very important subjects, such as the reception and channelling of energies in man.

 In the third part, the author teaches us the keys to establish new behavioural patterns, which introduce us through the cosmic portals of light, to also warn us of the dangers that can exist in the Cosmos such as black holes, etc.

In the last part, he makes an incredible study of the different constellations and the message that they left us in a distant past, recorded by ancient peoples who were linked to them, and which nowadays we can know and also channel.

In short, this book opens the eyes of our understanding and our heart to a reality close to man, in the precise moments when change and transformation are so necessary to reach a new era.

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