Extracts of "Project Koradhy"

We would like to present a highly topical book, a treatise on Anthropogenetics, Psychogenetics and Cosmogenetics...


"There is unlimited space’ within man, made for the intelligent and conscious experiences of everything that exists."

"For the early Ajivikas, atoms were eternal, indivisible and indestructible; ‘the bodily properties’ depended to a great extent upon the atomic world that composes them."

"Each atomic particle of our body ‘is neither lethargic nor dormant’, as might occur with our psyche that is trapped by matter and different worries, but rather ‘it listens to the inner dialogue’ we emit. The incredible thing is that it will faithfully accept and respond to this."

"Practically everything that occurs in our psyche, mind and emotions is intrinsically managed by the atoms of our bodies. They are, as we have said, the direct driving force of our evolution."

"Every atom is in itself a trio of ‘matter, energy and consciousness’ which, depending on its characteristic frequency, works in its corresponding field."

"Only when human beings become thoroughly aware of their dense states, will they take possession of ‘the atomic consciousness’ that exists within them, thus transferring each atom to a superior frequency of a solar and quantum nature."

"The marvellous ‘genetic’ power present in the human being has a particularity that makes it unique, which is the fact of being integrated with each ‘cell of the organism’."

"We would also like to present in “Project Koradhy” an aspect which is very necessary to take into account; everything that happens in our life is based on ‘causes and effects’. In other words, all things turn around these factors and this ‘is observed either in our wellbeing, fortune and prosperity’ or in the symptoms and ailments that we often neglect, contracting as a result serious ‘illnesses that many times are irremediable’."

“The conversion of our basic atoms into highly intelligent nuclei, also called super-atoms, will be a great challenge in our life and an exceptional task to fulfil."

"To reach this evolutionary trajectory, there is no method other than making ‘efforts to improve’, which is certainly found in the yearning to better ourselves and also in our own school of life."

"The soul in itself is a magnificent quantum atom that is active in the life of those who are honourable, decent and correct. This atomic energy is so vital that neither the soul nor any type of superior emotion could exist without it."

"When the Nous atom nourishes the other atomic nuclei of the body, the consciousness magnifies and this is the moment when we are able to incarnate other particles of high solar radiation."

"Each atom, as part of our consciousness and intelligence, is equally destined to advance and improve to the maximum, thus demonstrating that everything is submitted to a superior consciousness that impels and encourages us to always better ourselves."