Extracts "Cosmos, Portal of Light"

Through this treatise of cosmology, the author of the book, “Cosmos, Portal of Light”, the writer Ernesto Baron takes us through the windows of a vast Universe, introducing us to the wide variety of energies that exist in the cosmos.

 “Scientists are becoming more and more convinced that radio-telescopes are telephones which connect us to the Universe. High technology is making great advances with respect to this, and it has even been stated that the HRMS programme will be responsible for sweeping the galaxy with high resistance microwaves.”

 “Energies that emanate from the Universe are contained in all that exists, where they gestate and are projected, we just need the required degree of consciousness to perceive them in all their magnitude. Nature and especially man are antennae, receiving, generating and transmitting energies…” “

“Becoming more profound and understanding this bio-energetic field a little more, we could say that in the same way that there is a genetic code deposited in the human cell, the soul also has an intelligent code. The Nous Atom, located in the left ventricle of the heart, where the bloodstream is purest, has a specific mission during its physical life and it is impelled by intuition and comprehension.”

“In the immeasurable starry space there are heavenly bodies which, due to their high level of development and purity, have created an energy so powerful that just through being in contact from a distance or by means of profound reflection, they are a nourishment for our soul as they assist our inner work.”

“The Polestar or Polaris is the star that is the most accurate point of the celestial North Pole and it is known as the Northern Star. Great men state that in these transcendental regions of the Protocosm and Ayocosm, the infinitude and spirituality of all that exist is present.”

“The main stars of Draco (the Dragon), Rastaban and Yemanin at the head, then Altais, Grumiun, Giansar, Edasich and Thuban itself, correspond to the Seven Jewels of the Stellar Dragon referred to in ancient oriental texts.”