The Cosmic Guardians

This very interesting book, “The Cosmic Guardians”, comes to light after the profound research made by its author in the course of more than ten years dedicated to the study and investigation of the UFO phenomenon.

Although it was written in 1988, this is a highly topical book that unveils and clarifies us many phenomena that have taken place that are mysteries for which official science has no answers. However, endorsed by countless real cases, its author, Ernesto Baron, presents with great clarity and veracity extraordinary interviews that he personally made with important and worldwide renowned contactees.

This is a remarkable journey from the origins of ufology and the study of extraterrestrials in different ancient cultures, with data and traces found in paintings, old engravings and manuscripts, which shed light on a phenomenon that is not new but has been present from the very same origins of our history to this day. It contains cases explained, testimonies of scientists, pilots and astronauts, as well as evidence of UFOs.

It is a very interesting study of this phenomenon from different angles with surprising revelations to which we cannot remain indifferent and will make us reflect profoundly that we are not alone in the vast universe. Thus, we will understand our serious psychological and planetary situation, as well as the fact that superior beings from other planets want to help and warn us about the happenings that nowadays are already taking place.

All this content is complemented with authentic photographs of UFOs that have been scientifically verified and are in themselves an irrefutable testimony of the extraterrestrial presence on our planet Earth.

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