Project Koradhy

We would like to present a highly topical book, a treatise on Anthropogenetics, Psychogenetics and Cosmogenetics that is based on the most up-to-date scientific discoveries and provides us with fundamental keys to understand many of the events that we are experiencing in these moments of cosmic, planetary and human transition..

Through this work the author introduces us to the invisible and enigmatic world of the atoms, discovering the importance that they have within the human being and our diverse behaviour, to arrive at an understanding of what is actually happening in the Macrocosm Universe...

This treatise invites us to discover that almost everything that happens in our psyche, mind and emotions is managed by atoms. The atom in itself is a marvellous living intelligence always waiting for an opportunity to evolve. We have a dormant potential. If we want to and have a strong will, we could transform these normal permanent atoms into super atoms or highly intelligent quantic atoms and make them shine like tiny points of light to one day create new genetics through the power of the atom Nous.

Also the author of this incredible book shows us through facts and tried and tested evidence the changes which are occurring not only on Earth but also on other planets of our Solar System, which are also suffering the effects of a general global warming, magnetic abnormalities, polar shifts, lumina phenomena like the Aurora, strange lights...

Proven facts and evidence that show the approach of a powerful expansive force... which is increasingly affecting us. Evidences that a new atomic and biological codification of enormous proportions is approaching the planet.

And whilst the so called “interstellar cloud” that scientists have discovered at the frontiers of our Solar System continues approaching, more and more events will occur, and although it is of transcendental importance to all of us, still noone dares to inform the world and its population.

The objective is to save ourselves, and if we follow with dedication and firmness the helpful steps which are explained in detail in this important work, it could be a balm to achieve entry to a new cleaner, integral and transcendental stage.

And if we manage to untie ourselves from the terrestrial genetics and heritage which has us trapped... working seriously with a Psychogenesis, we will achieve the creation of a new Cosmogenesis... following a stellar heritage, and we could form part of a superior internal birth... and in that way belong to what will be called the "Koradhy Project".

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