Astronomical and Astrological Influence on Man

The author of this very interesting book of cosmology and psychology, the renowned writer Ernesto Baron, brings us closer to a subject of great relevance and the knowledge of the energetic influences that come from the cosmos.  This is not just another book of astrology; it is an astronomical and astrological treatise, in which we can discover ourselves with psychological profundity.


Throughout its pages, we will realise that since ancient times, human beings have already known that their life was linked to the different energies that come from stars, planets, constellations and so forth and astrology was harmoniously intertwined with astronomy, since it researched and capture the energy of stars and the cosmos, from which everything stems.

In the first part of the book, the writer Ernesto Baron takes us to discover that the astropsychological energy has been part of the ancient culture of important civilisations such as the Egyptian, Sumerian, Mayan and Celtic, which were aware of and bore in mind the movement of the stars and their influences.  However, this is not only something of the past but also of the present since particle physicists and astronomers are capturing a great amount of cosmic energy yet they do not know how to interpret most of it.

In this part, the author makes an interesting journey throughout the history of astrology and astrolatry, the worship of the stars, to conclude later emphasising the importance of psychoastrology in self-knowledge that, together with psychology and sociology, will be a very useful tool in order to help the process of internalisation within human beings.

Even though it seems that official circles have lost interest in astrological science, it is very important, when seriously studied, to delve into and discover the character, inclinations, attachments and biopsychological attitudes according to the zodiac sign that defines us.

In the second part of the book that has been complemented with very interesting colour illustrations, the different zodiac constellations are defined in great detail, as well as their influence on each individual, with their positive and negative aspects, the element, individual biotype, mineral, plant, flower and perfume that correspond to them and also the relationship amongst the different signs, incompatibilities and famous people, thus providing a overall and profound view of each zodiac sign.

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