Extracts of "The Enigmatic Egyptian Culture"

This book reflects all the respect and profound devotion the author has for this wonderful civilisation, the source of all wisdom, as well as his profound knowledge of it.


“The cosmic energy of our galaxy also reaches the Great Pyramid through the stars, the nebulas, the planets, etc.”

“Up to now, almost eighty pyramids have been identified along the length of the western bank of the Nile, including those which are unfinished and those which due to destruction are scarcely recognisable, however none is able to rival in size or teaching the Great Pyramid.”

“In the Initiatic ceremonies, the great Priest or Pharaoh appears dressed with the attributes of Osiris, the Good Being, the Master and Lord of Life, years and all things.”

“Throughout time Egyptian mummification has been a source of respect and exaltation of the divine. In the sacred Book of the Dead, death is found in the regions of Amenti or the Land of the Dead; within it is contained a whole treatise of Esoteric Magic which includes the transmigration of the Soul, reincarnation, ubiquity and everything involving the mystery beyond death.”

“The tomb of Seti I can also be found in the Valley of the Kings. The reliefs and frescoes are so well maintained and the colours have such a freshness that this sepulchre is one of the best conserved of the valley.”

“Within them, as in a game of Chinese boxes, there were three sarcophagi in the form of mummies superimposed one upon the other. The innermost one was made of solid gold of the best quality. In total, in accordance with esoteric representation, they symbolise the four inferior bodies; Physical, Vital, Astral and Mental, followed by the three sarcophagi or three superior bodies; Will, Consciousness and Spirit; the seven bodies of the self-realised man…”

“The colossal figure of the Sphinx, seventy metres high, stands close to the Pyramids of Giza… for the esotericist as for the ancient Knights of the Sphinx, it is the representation of Mother Nature…”