Extracts of "The Myth and Reality of Atlantis

The subject of the Atlantean civilisation is one which has inspired more writings throughout history than any other, however thanks to this book many enigmas and mysteries are revealed through the light of knowledge, unveiling a message which was left by those peoples for today's humanity.

“There is evidence for the existence of Atlantis everywhere; through sonar scans of the sea, in many traditions and legends, in linguistic studies, in flora and fauna, etc. Cartographic observations have demonstrated that in the depth of the Atlantic a mountain range rises up which branches into Tristan Islands, Da Cunha, Azores, Ascension, Bermudas, Puerto Rico, Cape Verde, Madeira and many more…”

“Additionally, Plato, the disciple of Socrates, also said in his book, “Critias”, that the oldest king of the island was called Atlas and that the ocean and the isle which he governed were named after him.”

“The city of Tartessos or Tartessian people, close to the mouth of the Guadalquivir river, provided the archaeologists with a clue that could lead us to the traces of this legendary continent.”

“In reality, the Atlantean civilisation was formed of seven large islands, which were not only spread over the Atlantic Ocean, but they also stretched to other lands such as Mexico, Egypt, Crete, the upper parts of Tibet, parts of South America, Peru, Bolivia, the Iberian Peninsula, the British Isles, India, the powerful Phoenicia, etc.”

“Many of the ancient peoples zealously guarded their secrets which had been bequeathed by their parents, the Atlanteans. We can remember the Egyptians and how they kept the teachings of their Atlantean ancestors for centuries; the medicine based on energies, astronomy, pure sciences, etc.”

“The four maps of Elliot Scott certainly invite us to profoundly investigate. In them we can see the different periods through which the continents passed until reaching the last Atlantean glaciation, and we are well aware that the destruction of Atlantis mainly occurred through three great cataclysms…”

“The first catastrophe occurred 800,000 years ago; the second, 200,000 years ago and the third one that was definitive, 12,000 ago. There is little of the first and second registered in history, but we can verify the third great cataclysm which happened 12,000 ago through different ancient writings, traditions, legends, terrestrial geology, etc.”