The Patmos Codex


In this incredible book, the renowned writer Ernesto Baron, explains very clearly and with great wisdom and courage, one of the most important and transcendental of humanity’s ancient legacies, which until now has not been properly understood, on the contrary it has often been badly interpreted, and has even been the subject of fear, rejection and controversy right up until the present day… It is the enigmatic Book of Revelations, written by the Apostle John on the island of Patmos in Greece.

However, with this work we are presenting, The Patmos Codex, its author, directed by the light of wisdom and inner knowledge, unveils with great objectivity the meaning of the Apostle John’s Revelations that are of vital importance in these times of global crisis.

It is a message about the destiny of humanity that, although written more than two thousand years ago, talks of events that are currently occurring throughout the planet… it is not a sophism of distraction, nor does it contain allegorical or fantastical visions, less still does it relate to a dead faith with religious references… it is something much more transcendental and it is important that we should understand it and know how to make the most of it.

From the very first chapters the author of this masterpiece clarifies with great intelligence that these Revelations do not contain an impending message of doom as many have wanted to interpret them or transmit, but rather the hope of preventing this and helping in these hard moments that we are all living on Earth.

In this way, from an anthropological and historical point of view based in Numerology, Psychology, Sociology, Sciences, etc., the author opens our perspective so we can discover the transformative and purifying work that is so necessary and already underway. Just as the collective Apocalypse is global, there is also the Anthropocalypse, which is individual. This is the reason we need to awaken our consciousness and strive for a cleaner and more lucid psyche.

In this revealing work, he thoroughly explains the meaning of the Seven Angels of the Apocalypse and the task they must carry out. Also of the Dragon and the two Beasts… that through war, crime, atheism, terror and perversion have made every effort to mercilessly spill the blood of countless people as we are seeing in many countries and it is spreading further every day.

In the same way the author reveals, with great detail and wisdom, the meaning of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse... He also uncovers the profound teaching contained in the Seven Trumpets of the Seven Angels… the Seven Cups and the Seven Plagues which are affecting mankind as a whole.

Great mysteries that are deciphered with supreme intelligence and with social, historical and scientific evidence that we can all corroborate…

And what is the meaning of the biblical Armageddon and the final great battle? Does it refer to an actual place on the planet or does it go beyond towards something closer to each one of us within our interior? The Mystery of the Angel with the little book, the the sign that appeared in heaven of the Woman of the Sun giving birth to a male child, what do they mean?

All these enigmas of great transcendence that until now have been difficult to understand, thanks to the light of this new book, The Patmos Codex and the effort and courage of its author, the writer Ernesto Baron, we will now be able to understand and know how to discern for our inner benefit, and what is more use them as a practical guide for everyday life in this difficult epoch of general confusion.

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