Extracts "The Patmos Codex "

In this incredible book, the renowned writer Ernesto Baron, explains very clearly and with great wisdom and courage, one of the most important and transcendental of humanity’s ancient legacies, which until now has not been properly understood, on the contrary it has often been badly interpreted, and has even been the subject of fear, rejection and controversy right up until the present day… It is the enigmatic Book of Revelations, written by the Apostle John on the island of Patmos in Greece.

“Apocalypse means “revelation of the end of times”, in other words it is an unveiling, a testimony to the closure of an era, the seal of a race, or on the contrary the end of a completed civilization. In reality it is omega-end, transformation, decadence, darkness and death.

  “Let’s remember that everything always goes through an expiry-extinction, and this means, whether we like it or not, demise-death or transformation-mutation. All depends on how on the state of humanity whether one or the other takes place. According to the book of Revelations and present global circumstances, it would seem that in this case it is more the approach of a great holocaust-extinction than a transformation-mutation…”

  “Only by following these events more and more intensively, will we fully realise that we are living an agony or planetary transition of an apocalyptical type that has never taken place in the history of our human civilization.”

  “For that reason it is more than urgent to understand the profound meaning of what is written in the Patmos Codex, and we must do this from a point of view of pure science, that is our objective, and mainly because the apocalypse can never be separated from the anthropocalypse.”

  “Only by following this anthropogenic mutation-transformation in a positive way, could we have acquired the ability to break the Seven Seals. That is to say, to make an inner transformation until becoming a Universal and Cosmic Man, something that was practically impossible to achieve up to now.”

  “In we study Revelations chapter 6 in detail, we will see very clearly that everything that the four horsemen of the Apocalypse carry out, or commend to the other three angels that accompany them, is strongly linked to the sociological, political, governmental, humanistic changes, etc. As well as to seismic movements, volcanic eruptions, the magnetic and geographic reversal of the poles and also to all the wars, terrorism, economic crisis, unemployment, refugees, as well as all this maelstrom of disasters and chaos that unfortunately we are now living.”

  “The important thing here is to raise by all possible means the level of our consciousness, the capacity for discernment and our behaviour in general in order to prevent any opposition that tries to stand in our way to weaken us. It is vital to fight for the awakening of our sleeping consciousness, since it is eternal and enduring, and we should never undervalue it for any reason, or as many do supplant it with the mind and its conflicts, or with the inferior emotions that ultimately will not lead us to anything positive.”

  “Also as part of this second sounding of the trumpet of the Angel Raphael, there are the mountains that erupt fire, that is why there are terrible earthquakes, tsunamis, sinkholes that suddenly open, and all kind of terrestrial disasters.”

  “When the fourth angel spilt his cup, he was showing everything related to the pollution of the atmospheric layers, also to the terrestrial climate change, the melting of polar ice, as well as solar flares, the ozone layer that no longer filters solar rays causing incredible heat with droughts, aridity, forest fires etc.”

  “Examining closely some detailed studies we have carried out in relation to this aspect of such eschatological and transforming transcendence, which definitely affects humanity in a direct way, we believe that “Armageddon” is not exactly a conflict between contenders in order to reach a definitive and global war. Although we must say that we do not rule out that it could be the trigger that initiates something bigger…”

  “In order to understand objectively the authentic meaning of the one hundred and forty four thousand sealed, the twelve thousands for every tribe, we need to use Kabbala numerology and Egyptian Tarot, in this way, together with the symbolism enclosed within, we will find the real answer.”

  “What we are looking for with the Patmos Codex is for those who accompany us to be able to integrate themselves and get better involved in their transforming work in order to understand in all the levels of their psyche the profound content of the great visionary St. John.”