Extracts of "Discovering Yourself"

Throughout its nine chapters Ernesto Baron guides us along a difficult path, the path towards ourselves, towards encountering oneself, towards the most profound depths of our psychological world.

“Delving into the psychological defects that we carry within, there is a strong network of states, conduct, discontent, rejection, conflicting feelings, mental divergence… which play a great role in the so-called “I”s or personal egos. These are Set amongst the Egyptians, the tempting Mara of Buddha, the Python, Typhon, who Apollo killed, the Greek Hydra, Medusa and the Gorgons, the Japanese Shima...”

“If we make a profound study in the psychoanalysis of the masses, we will see that there are many forms of pride, each one of which has its own identity and personality. We are referring to very interesting facets because it seems they have a personal and independent life and although there exists a correlation between them, in their moment of dominion over the body they are really totally autonomous.”

“Within the human psychology that we study, anger and its different derivatives are for many the most prominent characteristic feature and as is the case with the seven principle egos, we could have up to between 1,500 and 2,000 aggregates that are fed according to the circumstances of life.”

““Sincerely we could say that the basis of envy is founded in not accepting our own identity or the values with which we were born and this has been developing since childhood. For this reason, many people who want to plagiarise what is not theirs live enormously frustrated.”

““Greed is an uncontrollable desire that imprisons the great majority of people and because it is habitual in every aspect of life, it is both widely known and unconditionally accepted.”