Extracts "Laws of Gods, Worlds, Men and Beasts"

This incredible and engaging work is a true legislative treatise that introduces us into a fundamental subject, necessary for any people or culture. From the cosmic origin of the laws, passing through the spiritual and cosmic laws to the terrestrial and human laws... it guides us along the true path to follow.


“It is indispensable to know the laws that manifest in our psycho-physiological nature in depth, where we will discover the how and why of these phenomena; by knowing the causes we will know their effects and in this way we will know how to proceed intelligently.”

“The law of love is a legacy that God left to humanity so that we are able to return to the point of origin. The seeds of this Law are deposited in our heart, branching out through the glands and chakras, together with the inner work that we must develop.”

“Unfortunately, the human being does not have any continuity in what he wants and yearns for, his life is constantly dual and unstable because it is subject to the Law of the Pendulum in our feelings, thoughts and life.”

“The law of karma is none other than cause and effect, action and reaction, a good cause results in a good effect, we can see this on a small scale, whether corporeal, nutritional, psychological, financial… as well as in all human and spiritual life.”

“It is important to comprehend that when we humans pass through the doors of degeneration of the divine and moral principles, life becomes sterile and materialistic; everything is pain and suffering, with excessive demands, repressions… and in the end, terrible karmatic results…”

“The legislatures of God are made to be respected and applied with intelligence, humility and love, and if we are unaware or disinterested in them, even though they exist we forget that they do, it is much better to always respect them, but to never profane them either with thoughts, words and deeds, because their origin is divine.”

“The law of Octaves is that cosmic force that is also expressed in the human level and helps us to pass from one level to another, from one state to another. This law is expressed within the musical scale and begins with the note Do, continuing with Re, Mi, Fa, So, La and Ti.”

“The law of Election gives us the possibility to choose our own needs, desires, yearnings… and everything that is indicated by our level of Being and Knowledge. The law of election is correct when it is based on dignity, equality, fairness; when the selfish interests disappear, when our choice is through sacrifice, whether general, familial, matrimonial, etc.”