Tao Tian

This interesting book, Tao Tian, transports us to the legendary lands of the millenary culture of ancient China to immerse ourselves in the depth of its wisdom, inviting us to live out its teachings in an authentic, practical way..

Starting with the myths and traditions of the children of Heaven, the author, renowned writer Ernesto Barón, describes this enigmatic, ancestral culture, the Heavenly Empire, home to wise, benevolent dragons, phoenixes, celestial emperors, immortal beings and ancient dynasties... not to mention that it is the birthplace of a highly advanced science in medicine that continues to be useful even today.

Thanks to a wise combination of the cosmic and spiritual with the human and terrestrial sphere, the author, researcher Ernesto Barón, invites readers to learn more about the myths, the gods of creation and the powers that engendered and gave life to this millenary Chinese civilisation. These divinities include the Celestial Mother Dou Mu, the Goddess of Compassion Kuan Yin... and the gods of creation Fu Shi and Nuwa... whose veneration has been ingrained in the essence of the Chinese people since antiquity.

The book presents an interesting discussion of the three August sovereigns, the Five Emperors and leaders of the Chinese nation since the beginning of time; amongst which the Yellow Emperor, Yu Huang Di stands out. He was a god of war and a purveyor of culture, an inventor… He governed the Heaven and Earth, together with his wife, the Empress Wan, the keeper of the peaches of immortality, whilst living in the Jade Palace, in the sacred mountain range of Kun Lun. The author also highlights the First Emperor, Chin Shi Huang Di, the unifier of China… who is credited for building the Great Wall, which stretches for 5,000 kilometres, a symbol of the celestial dragon reflected on Earth and one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

This incredible book allows us to learn more about the ancestral symbols of this magic culture, such as Shou, the turtle, the mystic knot, the bamboo, the chrysanthemum, the peach, the peony, China’s distinctive coins and the importance of numbers… extracting the most significant aspects of this vast culture and bringing them closer to our western mentality, so to improve assimilation for our internal benefit.

The author invites us to delve deeper into principles like the Yin Yang, the world’s two basic forces that, when united, represent the balance of all creation. The book also discusses the foundations of The Ching, known as The Oracle or Book of Mutations, one of the greatest treatises of wisdom in the world. And what can be said of the profound knowledge of the Chi or Qi, the primordial energy of life that is present throughout the entire Universe? …It is the basis of ancestral exercises and wise traditional Chinese medicine.

In the second part of this book, writer Ernesto Barón masterfully brings us closer to the wisdom and teaching of the great philosopher Confucius, who always sought to educate individuals, families, governing leaders, etc., laying the foundation for moral and ethical principles in Chinese society... Thus, based on the teachings of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and Zen, he conveys values like the search for internal and external harmony, stability and emotional growth, benevolence and forgiveness... all of which provide internal benefits for those who aspire to know and improve themselves.

In the third part of this accomplished volume, the author leads us through the wise teachings passed down to us as a result of the life and work of the great Chinese philosopher Lao Tse. The spiritual education of the Tao-Path, the pure knowledge of the marvellous Tao Te Ching, the importance of gaining the three Chi treasures... these are all profoundly fundamental teachings that guide us in our search for the Tao.

But, what is the Tao? What were its origins? What are its teachings? How can we live in accordance with it? These questions cannot be answered with the mind. The Tao cannot be explained in words, it can only be felt... As the author tells us within the pages of this invaluable book, for those who seek the Tao, the first step is Reflection and Meditation, carried out regularly in a simple way... learning how to meditate in the here and now... in a continuous present.

This marvellous book shows us the keys to the Path-Tao, how to live the Tao, moment after moment, in harmony with this wonderful divine energy that dwells in all corners of the Universe, as well as in the most profound depths of our hearts. It is about living the present, the eternal now... And, as the author tells us, the Tao-Path is happiness itself, the source of health, positivism, complete and universal truth... and he invites us to embark on this path, following the guidelines provided in this excellent book, in order to reach the yearned-for Tao Tian, by crossing the ineffable cosmic divine bridge. Tao is the path, the direct route to our happiness. It is the Path to Heaven, the Tao Tian.