Daichido, The Path to Great Wisdom

In the millennial Orient, "Do" is the path that each one of us should walk in the quest for Wisdom, for Illumination.

On this occasion, the author Ernesto Baron, seeing the psychological state in which Humanity is in, offers us a new work, that invites us to open up our mind and heart to a new way of living and in this way be able to find the longed for peace and serenity in our psyche and in our soul.

Reading this extraordinary book will open our vision of life, of our daily situations, living the "here and now", with opportunities to change and in this way be able to improve psychologically, and through meditation, eliminate that which leads us to unhappiness and stress. Let us search for the path of Zen...

Let us begin a journey towards our interior, profoundly and learn in a practical and objective way to awake our conscience, as we study this marvelous work.

Amongst the extraordinary practical teaching written in this book, the author shows us the importance of the study of the functions of the Brain and the Mind. He teaches us the need of putting to work the two hemispheres of our brain and to educate our mind and our senses.

The Heart is the main organ of the human body. Without it nothing would exist. It is the most sensitive and subtle part we have, the connector, bridge between the physical, psychical and the spiritual, the small divine spark, linked to the peace of the soul, serenity, happiness.

Zen looks for the balance and awakening of the Soul-Nous. Zen is the here and now, the moment we live in, but in a conscious way, searching for the precise centre, centrality is the key for everything.

This book invites us to practice meditation in every situation of our lives with Meditation Zen). As well as after our daily tasks, submerging ourselves with the practice of Meditation (Za-Zen) relaxed in an environment of harmonious peace.

Silencing our mind we enjoy the peace of the heart and comprehension, which helps us see with clarity and profundity our errors and in this way be able to eliminate those states that enslave us and don't allow us to experience the free soul, the Satori – Sunyata.