This book takes us back to the ancient and magical lands of Brahmanic India, to an extraordinary culture that still lives, full of mysteries that illuminate us with the ancestral wisdom of Vedas and Brahmins, as well as accounts of old epics like the Ramayana. It delights us with precepts that, as pearls of wisdom, still exist in the poems of the Bhagavad Gita and intoxicates us with the sublime perfume exuded by the Sahasrara chakra, when it begins to turn like a majestic lotus, thanks to the science of prana, tantra and meditation.

Through this masterly treatise on meditation and pure knowledge, its renowned writer and researcher, Ernesto Baron, brings us closer to this ancestral and profound wisdom, surprising us with his ability to perfectly harmonise the Vedic, Brahmanic, Shivaist and Shaktist teachings so that we can put them into practice in today’s world, in these frenzied modern times in which finding an instant of inner peace seems an almost impossible quest.

By means of precise keys, its author recovers the basic yet ancient principles of psychology, teaching us of the need to control our mind, to leave repetitive and irrational thoughts behind, to feel the necessity to acquire mental and emotional maturity, to come out from our ignorance and confusion with the aim of renovating ourselves internally and leading a correct life, so that we can recover expressivity, dignity and discernment.

All this is done through the wise teachings left by great beings and gods, such as the divine trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, with their consorts, and in those primordial times they coexisted with men, who in listened to them with great faith.

In this incredible and transcendental book, its author, Ernesto Baron, unveils for us great teachings of the past, present and future in a practical way, to help us build a place of peace and happiness in our lives. So through the practice of psychology, tantra and oriental philosophy, of which the author speaks, we can create in our homes a true paradise on Earth, correctly applying the art of gunas, tattwas, prana, yoga and meditation, together with the powerful mantras left by the gods in the primordial tongue, Sanskrit.

This book will nourish our essence and heart and without doubt it will enrich our lives with the delightful nectar of spirituality.