Extracts of "Daichido, The Path to Great Wisdom"

On this occasion, the author Ernesto Baron, seeing the psychological state in which Humanity is in, offers us a new work, that invites us to open up our mind and heart to a new way of living and in this way be able to find the longed for peace and serenity in our psyche and in our soul..



"To learn and practice discernment, to think with clarity, to know how to formulate our thoughts, to direct our mental processes, to reasoning adequately... is more than fundamental if we want a brain and mind in perfect condition "

"The human brain is definitely a very valuable electronic computer, almost silent and superbly elaborated, and even knowing this, there are very few people who use this amazing instrument made by God, in a correct way."

"It has always been said that the heart in all its manifestations, besides from being the foundation of our existence, is also the main organ of the human body due to the fact that it is the seat of life and this is why it is the first to work and the last to stop beating with death. ." "In the same way, there are very evident proofs that the human being is a transmitter, receptor and distributer of energies and through the chakras and vortices we receive enormous amounts of radiations from the cosmos..."

"... about this wonderful and singular Sahasrara chakra to which we will refer in this chapter, there are many known ancestral accounts of great metaphysical and historical consistency. We have those spoken in the Upanishad, also those in the Puranas, in the Sat-Cakra Nipurana, in the Padaka-Pancaca, as well as many other tantric works linked to these energies."

"... this Chakra is named as the Crown of the Saints and the Dwelling of the God Shiva who has the twelve stars that represent the twelve faculties of the Soul -Buddhata . In the same way, it is also referred to as the Throne of Shiva or Brahamarandra, but everything alluding to the superior part of the head, this is why in ancient times, many nobles as well as mystics from several religions, shaved their heads, especially at the circular zone of the crown that corresponds to the pineal gland, alluding with this to the aforementioned chakra.

"The Japanese-Shintoist Koan, known also as the "Ultimate Truth", is called in the millennial China with the name of Gong-An o Hua-Tou. We are talking about a procedure of life that has a profound sense of inseparability or even an indivisible whole which by no means can be made to pieces."

"... if we focus specifically on the doctrine that the Buddha Shiddartha Gautama transmitted, we will see that his teachings were directed especially on the four noble truths. It is about knowledge with a compact and incredibly essential representation, which seems more like a medical diagnosis than anything, because it identifies with total precision the disease mankind suffers from."

"...we have to say that the Tao, united with the "Chi" energy, which is enclosed in the Tai Chi Chuan as the primary vital source, is fundamental because in its first manifestation it spreads out in a pair of opposite but complementary forces..."

"... the Tao, as the synthesis of everything, also studies the relationship of the energies that join and intersperse between the Cosmos, the Earth and the Human being. We are talking about three factors that are grouped in a profound concept named 'the three powers'."

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